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File Viewers

If you are having trouble viewing files on this website, it may be because your computer does not have the necessary application to open and view the file type you are attempting to access. Download and install the needed plugin to add additional functionality to your web browser so you may open the file type you wish to view. If you are not sure which specific plugin you need, take a look at the file extension of the file you're attempting to access and compare it with the extensions listed below.

Name Size File Extension Associations
Adobe Reader 22.4MB .pdf
Flash Player 1.5MB .swf
Word Viewer 24.5 MB .docx .docm .rtf .txt .htm .html .mht
.mhtml .wpd .doc .wpd .wps .wps .xml
PowerPoint Viewer 2007 25.8 MB .ppt .pptx .pptm .pot .potx
.potm .pps .ppsx .ppsm
Excel Viewer 74.1 MB .xls
Windows Media Player 25.9MB List of file extension associations
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